Your TeleVisit with leading medical European specialists
Your TeleVisit with leading medical European specialists 

Terms & Conditions of SilaMed

SilaMed provides organisation of “second opinion” services from our German, Austrian and Swiss medical partners for international patients from abroad.

The following terms and conditions should be carefully read. By sending your request, you agree to our prices and terms and conditions described below. These terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the company SilaMed. We highly encourage you to review them regularly as you must comply with any changes made to the terms and conditions up to the day you request for a second opinion.


Stored Information and Transmission


When you request a second opinion, you consent that your medical reports / radiological images will be stored in the information system of one of our partner clinics.  You agree that your second-opinion report will be e-mailed to you. Personal information may be encrypted using SSL (secure sockets layer) technology if requested. Otherwise, you waive the secure transmission of your medical documents and are aware of the risks of unsecured e-mail communication.  


Personal Data


Be aware that any personal information provided on your online form, per e-mail or by mail will be used in order to respond to your inquiry. This information will be confidentially stored on the server of the particular partner clinic and will not be transferred to a third party unless requested by you or required by law.  


Second Opinion Services


The service provided through the Second Opinion Services of SilaMed medical partners differ from the diagnostic services provided by a physician on site. When our partner physicians give a second opinion, they will not be privy to some information that would normally be gained through an on-site examination of your physical condition. This limitation may impact the physician’s opinion of your diagnosis and thus our physician’s recommendations will be shared with your local physician in order to minimize potential risks to your health. When agreeing to use our service, you acknowledge this limitation and agree to assume the associated risk. Consequently, you are aware that a requested medical second opinion is provided based on the medical records you provide us with and you agree that SilaMed bears no responsibility for the quality and content of these external documents.   

When receiving a second opinion, you herewith consent that:

Your involvement in second opinion will be carried out either in writing or via  tele-consultation;

The second opinion will be based on the medical reports / radiological images provided by the client;

The second opinion is informative in nature and does not aim to replace a full medical evaluation or an on-site visit with a physician;

The second opinion does not provide important information usually obtained during an out-patient examination, thereby limiting the diagnosis of a condition, disease, or injury.

The recommendations resulting from a second opinion has to be provided by the client to his referring physician in the country of the permanent residence. 

This agreement is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be Frankfurt Main, State of Hesse, Federal Republic of Germany.

Please note that SilaMed is a medical tourism agency and cannot provide any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, and does not make recommendations in choosing a German, Austrian or Swiss medical provider – that is a decision that remains entirely up to you.

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