Your TeleVisit with leading medical European specialists
Your TeleVisit with leading medical European specialists 

Diagnostics and treatment for foreign private patients in Germany

Why Russians?


Medical Tourism from Russia and other CIS countries is often in the news these days

as more Russians are making their presence known in major clinics and hospitals and rehabilitation centres around Germany.


According to the latest available statistics 11% of potential Russian patients indicated that they were prepared to spend more than € 25,000 on treatment abroad, 36% indicated that the cost of their treatment could be between € 10,000 and € 25,000 and 53% indicated that their budgets for treatments were up to € 10,000. That indicates that the total value of the Russian medical tourism market can be genuinely valued to be in excess of € 1 billion!


In particular only two countries are of most interest for Russian-speaking patients undergoing treatment abroad – Germany comes top with a staggering 32% of the market followed by Israel with 22%.


Medical tourism earns German hospitals and doctors more than €1 billion in annual revenues. Russians make up the largest group of non-European Union patients in Germany, with about 8,300 receiving inpatient treatment and about 12,400 receiving outpatient treatment each year. According to the statistic Russian share of the total foreign patient population in Germany has increased seven-fold since 2003.

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